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Deana DOES

Someone told me that anal sex is great... is it?




I'm Deana and I will do anything you want. Everyone calls me "Deana Does" because I never turn anyone down and I'm open to explore anything. My best friend told me I was crazy when I went bunging jumping with a man I met at work and afterwards we went walking and had sex behind a picnic shelter at the park. There were people everywhere and I'm sure that someone had to here me scream. I'm definitely a screamer and moaner. It's probably that way because I love to be fucked really hard. Keep fucking me until I am so sensitive that I can't stand it and almost want you to stop. Almost is the key word. Really I just want you to keep going on and on and on.

I had sex in a baseball stadium. The game was going on and people were all around us, the seats were packed and the atmosphere was energetic. It just turned me on. I slid my shorts down and hopped over on his lap. I didn't know him very well, but I did know he had a huge dick. There I was, cheering on the team... the home team of the cock sliding in and out of me. I suppose that was truly a home run for both of us. The men next to us knew what was going on. I think they spent more time watching us than the actual game. I guarantee that they both went home and jacked off to the images of me riding that beautiful cock.

I'm really a sweet, caring woman and love to help people. I'm not sure where this insatiable desire for sex stemmed from. My sisters are prudes and my mom only had sex because it was her duty to give my father children. Forget that. I want sex and I want it all the time because I love it. When my best friend told me about this phone sex line I just knew it was the right thing for me to do. I guess this is my civic duty calling me - my goal to pleasure every man that I can. While I wait for you to call I think I'm going to put this pink dildo in my pussy and just let it get all wet.