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Playful Ambitions to Meet Your Needs

About Me:
I feel as if I have dual personalities, both of which are constantly battling with one another to get out. Perhaps I am sure of myself most of the time.. Though I feel trapped inside all of the time. A constant debate rages of what 'society' expects of me, and of what is desired of myself. 'Tisk... tisk', they say. To be honest as to why am I here? I have no real clue. I feel a mixture of fear, anxiety, and delight. I have never done anything quite like it and will soon have to edit or delete this profile after the first few attempts at what some (maybe many) would consider 'sin'. Scared... Yes, that's a very good word to describe it. Will I be good at it? Not sure... You be the judge and jury.
I have about 4 years experience in text-based role play; however it's more game based (think of D&D?). My mind is constantly wandering into a daydream-like state as my imagination tries to hold it's sanity of creativity. My passion lies in the arts, be it visual or audio (don't get me wrong, I can't sing worth the crap). I enjoy playing with words and learning what others can teach me.
As for my personal life, I wish not to disclose that other then I am single.

Life! I crave it. I enjoy every minute I have of it; from the insanity and sadness of it, to the joy and bliss of it. There may be nothing at the end of this tunnel, so enjoy it while you can. You know?

Call me what you will for making the conscious decision to do this. Life, they say, is a series of choices. Some good, others bad. Either way, it leads all to consequences. All we can do is hope for the best.