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Confession Line: What's Your Secret?

Calling all wimps, dicklets, sissies, piggies, dorks, cucks, cash cows, losers, jerk-offs, shrimp dicks, faggots, and lamos!

I know you're holding in deep, dark secret that you can't tell your wife or girlfriend. What is it? Do you fantassize about sucking cock? Sneak around wearing panties? Can't keep your hands off your tiny little wee wee? Tell me your secret...

Most of you call Me and complain about how tiny your little pee-pee is, how you're bald, fat and ugly, you have zero personality and how you can't find anyone to fuck if I care?!?!?! I will not take mercy on your tragic existence! Some people have it going on (ME!) and some people don't (YOU!).

After all the whining and crying, shame and embarrassment from you, I've agreed to dedicate an entire line for pathetic losers like YOU to call and tell Me all about your embarrassing useless wee-wee, explain to me why you're such a fucktard, cry to me that you'll never amount to anything...while I laugh and humiliate you! I know this is the kind of treatment you long for, crave, and can't stop thinking about! 

So, get your tiny little pee-pee in your hand and give me a call! I may not allow you stroke your useless pecker, but get it out anyway! I know what a privilege it is to shrimp dick losers like YOU to talk with a pretty spoiled Princess like Me! We both know that you don't deserve to talk to Me. It's obvious that I am wayyyy too good for you; speaking to Me is a complete honor. I couldn't care less how shy/scared/nervous/anxious you are to speak to Me! I realize that it's completely natural for a fucktard like YOU to be intimidated by a Beautiful Princess like Me! But I can assure you, after just a few minutes of hearing My soothing voice, you'll be in ecstasy! Now that we've gotten that established, stop being the pussy that you are and pick up the damn phone and call Me NOW!!!