Phone Sex

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When most of the girls in my high school were off with their boyfriends in the back seat of the car, I was at home, studying and learning my lessons.  My folks were kind of strict and I was their only daughter and the youngest, so they were a little over-protective, I guess. 

I didn't have a boyfriend at all until I was 21, when I was in college.  We fooled around some, but he wasn't very experienced, either.  It was fun, and I enjoyed it, but it was never...  It was never something that took my breath away or made me all hot and bothered, like the books said it would be.  Is that the way it really is?  Will it really take my breath away?

It feels good if I touch myself, but it's still not like I thought it would be, all overwhelming and everything.  Maybe the books aren't true and it's not like that, but it seems like everyone wouldn't be so interested in it if it weren't.

I get asked out, but then I'm just kind of shy and no one knows, I guess, that I'm tired of being shy and innocent. 

So, maybe you'd like to help an inexperienced girl get some experience?  I don't even really know what I like yet, so for now, I'm pretty open to nearly anything.  I just want to see what all the fuss is about.

I might be a little shy at first, and I might not know everything, but I'd like to try.  I'd like to talk to you, maybe you can take my breath away?