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Brown Sugar Princess

Manipulating & Controlling Men is Simply What I Do


I don’t claim to be a “Dominatrix”, “Mistress” or into any of that BDSM shit. I don’t have a “stable” and you aren’t one of my ‘stable boys’. I do have a following and you will be (if you aren’t already) one of my fans. You’ll throw money at me and serve me because I’ll move you to, and you’ll compete with my other fans to be my #1 fan. I don’t walk around with thigh high leather boots, leather skirts or pour my body into some latex nonsense – but I do like to wear pretty, trendy & sexy things and I do like to be comfortable. I’m that fashionably beautiful MATURE WOMAN you’ll see walking down the street and just be drawn to because of her outstanding taste. I am a deserving Princess. A powerful and controlling Ebony Goddess. A dominant Queen.


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I carry myself like I’m wearing diamond encrusted panties, like I’m walking down red carpets and there are paparazzi waiting for me at the end of it. Save the obvious “I’m a dominatrix” outfits for the movies — this is real life and being a superior person is my personality, not some role play with costumes to put on. Get real.

I don’t have the latest torture equipment in my makeshift dungeon in the basement. Who needs racks and cuffs and all that other bullshit? I have my ass. I don’t have to hypnotize you – my personality, attitude, voice, laugh and ass will do all the ‘mind control’ I need.

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I’m not going to hang things from your testicles or stomp on your penis. Eeew. That isn’t even cute to me and this is so NOT about you, remember? I will manipulate and tease you until your fuckin thighs turn blue and you’re leaking, then become ‘unavailable’ and let you go on your merry way hard, alone, and unsatisfied. That is what tease and denial is about, right?

If you want a TRUE Domination experience then call one of those fake leather clad bitches who give you stuff for “obeying” them. This is not my profession. Damn sure not my career. I am not an actress. Being dominant is just part of my natural personality.

So, ready to experience things MY way?



Interested in the privilege of officially becoming my slave and serving me?


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