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Good Time Girlie

Last night I went out for a walk. I sat on a park bench and looked up at the stars. I did make a wish finally and I just hope that it comes true.

When I was a little girl my father told me that I could be anything I want to be and I could do anything that I desired. So far in life I have accomplished those things. I did really well in high school, participated in athletics and many clubs.

College life is almost over and I'm doing great in my subjects. I have many dates and even more friends. But I just don't have that one special person that can push me over the edge sexually.

I had good sex with one of my professors, but in the end he became so clingy that I couldn't even think of a relationship with him. I fucked the president of the debate team and he wanted to analyze everything. One time I spent hours in a 69 position with the head cheerleader.

We both got off many times, but she was too sensitive and didn't understand when I finally told her I needed and wanted a cock. The Dean offered me a deal I couldn't refuse until I realized that he wanted to include three other girls and his male assistant. Not for me. I thought I found the perfect man in one of my father's friends. That ended when I told him about my desire to be flogged and hot wax poured on my body. He immediately thought I was weird.

Do you?

All I want is one good man with a huge cock to fuck me senseless.

I want him to be understanding and passionate when I tell him my fantasies and I would really like him to share his with me. Maybe you are that man.... you are afterall still reading about me, right?

You don't have anything to lose and could possibly gain an incredible orgasm.