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Mistress Vanessa - Unique, Intelligent Domination

Miss Vanessa Jade

Dark Goddess and Mistress of the Night

Come worship at the altar of Mistress Vanessa. I am now accepting new submissives and slaves, for many positions... Come see if you have what it takes to please Me.

I am a benevolent Goddess with a love for the dark, the perverse, and the depraved... Yet I believe in kind and firm handling of My pets, though I can be quite cruel if I must. I trust that you will be devoted and smitten with My enjoyment of owning and controlling you, and you will return for more of My unique and effective domination. As a good slave should..

Tribute payment, thoughtful gifts, and adoration are all wonderful ways to show Me your respect before you request to speak with Me. At the very least, I would hope one would take the time to introduce oneself to a Goddess such as Me, with a respectful and appreciative note.

Would you like to worship My delicate pale feet, or My sexy footwear? Perhaps you can win my affection by adding to my collection of seductive footwear fit for a Lady of My position. Do you need a Goddess upon whom to lavish gifts and money? I am always most appreciative when I know that I control your wallet - or should I say, MY wallet.

Alternately, I may be convinced to allow you to listen as I go about My daily business and not speak with you. If you are good, perhaps I will instruct you in how to pleasure yourself - I certainly will not do it, and I am sure you have been doing it incorrectly. We can fix that, however...

I am a small, porcelain pale angel with the sweetest demeanor... But I can be cruel and exacting in My punishment, should I be inclined. I excel at allowing mere mortals to worship my feet and legs, indulging my cruel exhibitionism as you watch me helplessly, aching with desire... I am deft and self-assured while extracting as much financial and gift worship as I can, allowing you to please Me and make Me happy... And, from time to time, if necessary, simply ignoring you. I am sure you will be pleased with whatever makes Me happy, will you not?

My aesthetic is dark and beautiful, smoky eyeliner and piercing gray eyes, hair like the colours of the rainbow, silvery steel in my multiple piercings. You may call to find I am smoking expensive imported clove cigarettes and watching German surrealist art films, or perhaps I will be listening to music and putting on My makeup to go out to enjoy Myself. I know you will be jealous, but there are some things that are not for you, pet.

♥ Miss Vanessa's Specialties ♥
  • Foot and shoe worship
  • Tease & Denial
  • Financial Control and Domination
  • Masturbation Instruction
  • Feminization
  • Orgasm Control
  • Ignore

Respectfully inqure as to whether your Goddess is interested in entertaining your requests...

♥ Financial Tribute ♥

$25 Tribute$50 Tribute$75 Tribute
$100 Tribute$250 Tribute$500 Tribute
$750 TRIBUTE ♥♥♥ $1000 TRIBUTE

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