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Abusive Mistresses

Relieving you of your hard-earned cash.







Abusive Mistresses


                Pay Piggy, ATM, Cash Cow, Money Slave. . .

It doesn't really matter which of the above we call you, does it. We both know what you are and what you so desperately need to fill your pathetic existence. You dream of serving  beautiful, strong women, but the harsh reality is that the only way for you to do so is to pay through the nose.

Well, if you hope to ever get the slightest bit of our attention, you will certainly have to pay for it, you useless shits.

 We don't care about your mortgage payments. We don't want to know about your bills. We couldn't care less if you don't have enough money left for groceries - go hungry! You can walk about in tatty old clothes so that WE can wear the best. Before long, you will be thinking about ways in which you can cut back in order to give us more.

Don't bother calling thinking we are going to entertain you - you are here for OUR amusement. If you can't hold our attention, you may find that your call comes to an abrupt end...





Spoil Us

We  know you long to prove your usefulness. Well, here's where you get to spoil us rotten, show us exactly how big a loser you can be for us, and actually feel like you have a purpose for once in your worthless life. We bet that thought has your cock hard already, doesn't it, piggy! Will you be able to resist stroking as you browse our wish lists and fill your shopping basket, or make payments to our accounts?

 If you've bought us something or sent us money and you're not sure if it's enough, it probably isn't.  If your credit card balance is nowhere near its limit or you have spare cash in your wallet, you need to spend less time thinking about your dick and more on how you can make US happy!

Whoever spoils us the most each week will "win" (*snigger*) 'Loser Of The Week', and may even be granted a little of our attention. Will it be you, hmm? Better get spending...



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