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Princess Katelyn

Give Everything To Princess Katelyn

Hey boys! I know you've always wanted to serve a real live princess. Well then here's your chance. I'm Princess Katelyn, but you can just call me Princess.

Hey Losers. It's wallet draining time and princess is here to collect.

I know you dream about having a hot young girl like me having total control over you. The way you spend your time, the things you think about, the way you act. Everything must go to Princess, and your money is no exception. I expect you to go to the office everyday and work hard, and then when you get that paycheck on Friday, just like the sneaky little perverted boy that you are, you will hide it from your wife and bring it straight to me. Princess wants cash and expects her pay piggies to cough it up. You'll be sitting on the phone while Princess teases you for as long as I desire and only by pressing the tribute button and Princess seeing your money be deposited in my account will I allow you to cum. Princess expects to see your wallet empty, and when I'm done with you, I'll toss you away. After all, I have no use for broke losers, but maybe I'll leave you and your wife enough money for food for the week. You'll just have to make up the excuse to your wife why you don't have anything ;)

Sometimes I lead men on making them think they'd actually have a chance with me and before they know it, they're paying my rent, paying off my car loan and doing anything to make their Princess happy. Men are so easy to manipulate, and you're no exception. The fact that you're stroking that little pig tail in your pants right now ready to give me money is proof. All a cute little Princess like me has to do is just say the word and you'll do whatever I ask wont you? After all, how else are you going to get a beautiful girl like me?

I love being taken care of by my little piggy banks and cash cows. I love being worshipped and adored by my ass sluts and panty boys. I love being showered with cash by my human ATMs. I love laughing at pathetic little limp dicks. I love making grown men get on their knees to worship every inch of my beautiful Princess body. I also love to control that cock of yours and to deny you the pleasure of cumming until you've made your Princess happy and given Princess what she wants. Now instead of stroking that little cock of yours, get on your knees, pick up the phone and come and worship your Perfect Princess.

Princess needs all types of servants to make her happy from pay pigs to panty boys. When you call know how you plan to serve your princess.

    My Interests Are:
  • Body Worship
  • Cock Control
  • Financial Servitude (Princess needs her Prada)
  • Verbal Humiliation (I love laughing at loser boys)
  • Panty Worship
  • Chastity Training
  • Strap-On Play
  • And More.

Come worship your beautiful Perfect Princess!

Adopt a Princess

You work hard so I don't have to! :)

$15 Cum Tax

$50 Day At The Spa

$75 Cell Phone Bill

$100 Internet & Cable Bill

$350 Pay Princess's Car Payment

$1000 Pay Princess's Rent