Phone Sex

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I know you like it Hot,Sweaty and a little Smelly.

When I am very hot and sweaty from working out, or playing volleyball and just not real fresh...when that musky odor is in the air...THATS when I REALLY want it licked.

Thats when I will point to the ground,right where I want you to kneel.
Thats when I will allow you to bury your face in my crotch, right into my panties. I will grab the back of your head and grind that face into me....
Suck on the those panties....suck that sweet creamy panty pudding right through the lace.
OK, Now CALL so we can finish this up.
JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!JUICY !!!! !!

Call to tell me of your tongue talents and to beg to be allowed to please me orally.
I am a rather demanding woman.
Strict in nature....but I'm sure you can find a way into my....yummy place.
That is, if you prove a worthy one.

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