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Mizz Strict's Girlie Lessons

Hey, pansy ass. Yes, you. The one who quivers in the corner, with his knickers in a wad. Did you get them all wadded up out of fear? You know I'll be mightly ticked that you've been trying on my panties again! Don't make me come over there, bend you like a rag doll, and smack your ass with my hair brush - smack it til it's the same shade as the hot pink on your lips.

I am Mizz Strict, and I will NOT tolerate any dramagasms. You act up around me, and you'll get the pointy toe of my high heeled leather boot repeatedly driven into your sissy hole. Don't mess with me!

If you think you can behave around a very strict and demanding Mistress, then call me. If not, go cower in the corner under your pink little afghan and wank away on your dainty doily dickie. Hahahaha!