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Bossy Beauty

You can stop licking when I tell you to...

Bossy Beauty

Ever worked for a woman?  One of those bossy, bitchy types?  The kind who knew more about your job than you did and wasn't afraid to let you know that, the one who was SO fucking hot in her suit and heels and hose that you just wanted to throw her across her desk and fuck that bitchy attitude right out of her?

I'm one of those women.

I'm good at what I do, good at business, good at managing.  I don't mind it if my staff thinks I'm a bitch, because they all know I'm good, too.  So do my bosses.  Maybe I got a few extra breaks wearing short skirts and revealing blouses to interviews, but my resume is rock solid and so is my work, too.  You might not like me, but you respect what I can do.

Sometimes, though, I do wish one of those salesmen that I boss around WOULD sweep the papers off my desk, then push me down on it, pull up my short skirt, pull my panties aside and my bra down and fuck me until I cum, screaming and groaning all over his hard cock.  I wish he'd push me down on my knees then, and fuck his hard, sticky cock into my mouth, make me suck him until he shoots his hot load all over my expensive suit.

Is that what you've dreamed of doing to that bitchy boss? Or maybe that slutty secretary who seems to drop things just so she can bend over and let you look down her blouse?  That's how I started out, you know, as a secretary while I worked my way through college.  I took dictation and shorthand and gave more than a few blowjobs there on my knees, under that big oak desk. 

Who says offices are boring?  Call me and find out.