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Madam Rose

Do as your Mistress tells you to do

Hello scum (this applies to ever worthless man who reads this), I am Madam Rose, I am strictly here for my own entertainment and profit. I am a princess and goddess, and will accept nothing less than respect, obedience, and most of all, your hard earned cash. I like to crush worthless men at my feet. I detest losers like you. You are nothing but a fat, bald, small dicked, jerk off loser who sweats 40 hours a week in a factory to make sure I have the finest things in life. What is yours is mine, and what is mine is mine too. I thrive on taking everything you have, and stomping you into the ground physically, financially, and emotionally. I don't have to work for anything, You just owe me plain and simple. I am a woman who never has to please or thank you. A little about me, even though you don't deserve any ifnormation about me. I am 23 years old, living in the Midwest on a trustfund from my Daddy, so I don't really need your money, I just dervive pleasure from financially destroying you. I am 5'10 with long flowing blonde hair 38 C chest, and everything in a woman, that you will never get, so you should enjoying throwing your hard earned cash at me, cause I am much more worthy of it than you are. I will be your financial advisor, because you are way too stupid to handle your own finances, so if you give all your money to me, life will be much simpler for you, and better for me, because just remember every dollar you spend will make you one step closer to bankruptcy and one step closer to me becoming the richest bitch in the world. Even though you will never be close enough or worhty enough to see my beautiful body, I will give you the opportunity to make me happy by spending your money looking at my sexy ass, tits, and pussy, and you can just dream. And maybe if you give me enough cash tributes, and I really pity for you, I may just put on a special webcam show just for you, but Maybe is the keyword. I never ask for anything, I give you orders and you follow. I specialize in the following forms of training and or discipline. BDSM Foot Worship OTK Financial Domination Public Humiliation BlackMail Feminization and many others as I see fit. I will push your physical and credit card limits as I see fit, and I will never be satisfied, until you are broke and homeless, and even then when you are on foodstamps, I will make you buy me steak and lobster with them. I know you boys wish I could be 24 hours a day, but since I have a life and you don't. I have recorded messages for you to listen to, and follow the directions given.