Phone Sex

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My hypnotic, sultry voice guides you into deep pleasure.

The Ice Goddess is calling you.

Take my cold frosty fingers.
Come with me to an icy land where ice dragons roam.
leave your mundane existence behind.


Ice Goddess

(both video and mp3 download are included)

Hypnotic Seduction

Give in to temptation

hypnotic erotic video


Video Hypnotic Induction

The gift of fire
stolen from the gods by Prometheus

symbol of passion and desire

Trance with me~enchanted by hypnotic flame

3D Hypnotic Flame
Video Hypnotic Induction

Look deeply into my green eyes
as they seem to
peer into your soul


Trance fast and trance deep
with this mesmerizing video induction

New video hypnotic induction
(just completed).

Naked Summer hypnotic video
(mp3 is included)

Bikinis. oil glistening on bodies,
the feel of sun on skin.
Follow me deep into hypnotic fantasy ~ Naked Summer.

Hypnotic legs video. Listen and watch as you become entranced by my long shapely legs.  Feel yourself slip away, deeper and deeper, more and more enchanted and entranced


Be sure to watch your video full screen with headphones for full effect.

Hypnotic Legs Video


Give in to my voice and
hypnotic video effects
as you trance.

Round and round
you lose yourself.

hypnotic erotic video

Video Hypnotic Induction

Empty Your Mind

Feel yourself falling into nothingness as you trance.
Embrace the void, my words melting one into another
as you feel yourself drift. Empty your mind.

Hypnotic Video

Hypnotic mp3 audio track
download from the video is included.

Cleavage is already quite hypnotic.
Cleavage can be intoxicating when
already in trance, being commanded to focus directly.

Hypnotic Cleavage video
and downloadable mp3

(mp3 is included)

Hypnotic Scarlet in high definition video.

Feel virile life force
pulsing through your body
as you trance with me,
deeper in
with every beat
of your heart.

Crystal Heart hypnotic video

MP3 download included as a bonus.

No time for a cam session?
Be entranced with my videos and MP3s.

I also have several fetish videos in production
one just finished which is a particular fetish of mine -
long shiny hair ~ brushing it, playing with it,
running my fingers through it,
the way it feels on my skin, mmmm...

My Fetish Profile

Emerald Eyed Enchantress

Mysterious blue chalcedony

Legend has it that chalcedony creates vitality, stamina, and potency.

Dreamworld Video

Blue chalcedony ~ gaze into it's depths
while I guide you into a
potent erotic trance.

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