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La Courtisane

Dare you suffer Princess Scorpio's punishments?

Princess Scorpio's Dungeon 

Why are you here?

Let me tell you... Because you are tired of your meaningless little life, your tired boring ideas of sexuality, and you want a challenge, to expand your horizons, find new meanings. You want someone to take control of your life, to show you your weakness, to give you that discipline to discover yourself.


I am your Mistress

I am the one who you will always look up to. The one who you will worship. I will always be in your mind from the moment you wake until you sleep.

I am be the one who will provide you discipline, who will, at my whim, provide your pain or your pleasure.

I am the one who will get inside your psyche, expand your mind, find your true sexuality.

I am the one whose pleasure you will satisfy. At my command you will accept punishments, humiliations and challenges. Your mind, your body will be mine to do with as I please.

About our sessions

Obviously I can't be there to mete out punishments in person, so it will be my task to give you instructions and watch as you perform for my pleasure. I may require you to find certain items from around the house to act out my fantasies and punishments, or I may send you on missions to obtain other instruments and equipments as they become necessary in the furtherance of your sexual awakening and my entertainment.

I am a fair Mistress - Obey me and perform to my satisfaction and there will be rewards, disobey me or fall short of my high standards and there will be only pain and humiliation!


Once you have made your introductions and been accepted into my circle of slaves, you will receive instructions before each session about what will be required. My true slaves will not question these instructions but will obey obediently and will have all equipment ready for their sessions with me.

You can always use your phone to spend time with me, but it might work out easier for both of us if you pre-book sessions. That way, when we come to our session we know exactly how much time we have and I can arrange suitable punishments and rewards to fit the length of the session. To pre-book, click on the handcuffs with the length of the session you'd like. Don't forget to send me your messenger ID when you buy time!

I like to hold my sessions on video-chat. Although I can use Yahoo or MSN, I strongly recommend using EyeBallChat for video-chat. Other chat software may not be so reliable. Click on the button to download.