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The Goddess Lilith

Agony and suffering. Those are the highlights...

Your demise in the name of Goddess Lilith
"One may not sleep in a house alone (in a lonely house), and whoever sleeps in a house alone is seized by Lilith."

- (Shabbath 151b)

The milk of venom seeps from my bosom to feed your lustful hunger. Worship in my house always comes at a cost and I will always make you pay. Suckle from my fountains of poison and descend into the night. Lost and afraid I toy with your devotion for me and make your mind burn with desire.

You feel your blood coursing under your skin and your minuscule penis begins to throb. Your balls are engorged with cum and you sweat with the need to releaseā€¦ Keep dreaming you little bastard! I want you to ache and ride the edge of reason. Don't think for a moment I want you to cum, MY pleasure is watching you writhe while I deny your requests to cum.

Agonize in the name of Goddess Lilith.

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"Serve, be humiliated and used... And then give thanks for the moment in my presence" - Goddess Lilith