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Office Tramp

Couldn't you imagine me living next door?


Tempting Office Tramp
For All Your Needs

I work in an office with a man to woman ratio of 14 to 3. Needless to say, I love it. I wear short skirts and sexy thigh highs or stockings, very high heels and revealing blouses. I can't get enough of the attention that my wardrobe brings me. When my boss calls me into his office for dictation I make sure I bend a certain way to allow him a glimpse of my most intimate parts. On good days I won't even wear panties so sitting down becomes a game I play - Just how much do I reveal?

At what point does he touch me? When do I let him bend me over his desk? It will all happen, but only when I am ready for it.

Sometimes it's more of a game to tease and see how much the man can take. It turns me on to see their dick bulge hard in their pants, straining for freedom, and the frustrated looks that cross their face. Eventually I always give in though and then it becomes me with the frustration, trying to be quiet as I cum in the copier room, my pussy stuffed with the CEO's cock. I have been known to spend hours beneath a cherry desk on more than one occasion.

Most of my fellow co-workers refer to me as the office tramp. I am the highest paid member on the clerical staff because I am not afraid to work my pussy for the gold that it is. The stories I could tell of executive officers becoming weak-kneed to fuck me, tales of presidents begging me to ride their cock as we look out the window of the 23rd floor, and late night work hours that have become top notch orgies. I'm definitely the hot topic at the water cooler. Why don't you call me and have a drink while I share my stories with you, and see if I can get you off like I can all the others.