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The Goddess Lilith

Give without question, is to serve me

Give without question...
...behind Goddess Lilith, where you belong... "To look upon you, or to even speak gives you meaning... So you shall have none." - Goddess Lilith

My back is toward you and my face turned to a reflection so beautiful it is to cry for more. Straining to catch even a glimpse is to reach into the darkness and find nothing but sweet agony. I feed on your desperation and drink in your soul.

Wallow in your own self-loathing, knowing I will not acknowledge your existence.
I am more than a dominant Goddess; I am the path to your destruction and the way to an abyss of torment. Igniting the fires of your lust I burn into your very being. Each time you reach out to me I cut away your hope and steal your heart. All that is left to give is your money and devotion.

Prove to me that you worship no other.

Prove to me that you have accepted this superior Goddess as your reason 'to be'.
...reflect on my darkness and power...
Let me be clear my feeble-minded minion, if you call here
WILL NOT speak.
This is to reaffirm your worthless existence and my reign over you.

Express your adoration...
Click my pay buttons to make a sacrifice in my sanctum.

$100 for Goddess Lilith $250 for Goddess Lilith $500 for Goddess Lilith

"Serve, be humiliated and used... And then give thanks for the moment in my presence" - Goddess Lilith