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Redheaded Firecracker

Naturally red and naturaly submissive


People say that redheads have a temper and are quite spirited. I'm all the proof you will need for that statement.  I'm temperamental and spunky. I fly off at the handle and my words tend to bite into you when I'm mad. I try to be sweet and sometimes it works. I tell people just don't make me mad and everything will be okay. I'm fiery, stubborn and contrary. I want things my way and when it doesn't work out that way I get upset. I'm not unrealistic because I know life isn't perfect... BUT... I am. So, shouldn't I be allowed to act how I want and get the things I enjoy out of life?
I think so.

I'm wild. You never know what I will say or do.

I know you want to run your hands through my unruly wild red hair. Go on.. do it.. and give it a good pull to make me moan out loud and send little shivers through my body. Right now I want a screaming orgasm from you. Can you take control of this wild firecracker and set her off? I'd be interested to know if you can and how you would do it.