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Anything But Ordinary . . .

I am a 25 yr old, Lusty & Rambunctious Woman craving stimulating companionship. Nothing is to minor or to risqué. A good time is always on the agenda when talking with me, there is nothing I won’t do to show you how much I am enjoying our conversation. Call me and have me all to yourself – uninterrupted – uncensored – FREE SPEECH! “The thirst of one woman can satisfy that of MANY men . . . “– Vixen I'm a little Vixen who loves trouble - Want to get in trouble with me or would you like to see me punished! There is nothing this sweet lonely Vixen won't do . . . I love sticky situations and I love to talk about them even more. I enjoy conversation of all types. I am stimulated by everything from Politics to Pornography. You’ve gone this far – won’t you please call me – do you want me to beg??? Let’s talk! Flirting is harmless right? What’s the worst that could happen? I can feel the moisture between my legs just thinking about a stimulating and sultry phone conversation. What’s your fetish? Let me in – I’ll let you in . . .let’s make each other happy I’m sure you can help me and I am determined to help you . . . Are you Aggressive? Submissive? What do you like, tell me? I’m ready for you . . . . I am waiting for you. SNEAK PEEKS: *WOULD YOU LIKE TO DONATE?* The night is young and so is my sweet pussy. One of my favorite things to do is please myself at the most inconvenient times. Just last week I had an important business meeting with the head of my Charity organization, when suddenly a heat wave came over me. Not like the heat wave of summer but more like an internal combustion of hormones raging to be released from the sweet spot between my thighs. While at the table talking about upcoming events – I couldn’t help but to wish for an up and Cumming event of my own. With my Boss sitting to my left and one of our largest Benefactors to my right I couldn’t help but to fantasize on the many ways I could raise tons of money at this very table . . . . *TRYING ON CLOTHES HAS NEVER BEEN SO MUCH FUN* Shopping after Sunday Brunch for me and my Best Friend *Trish is a usual practice. We make it a habit to try on flattering outfits and admiring each other, in order to shower one another with praise. One particular Sunday Trish informed me that she was having trouble in her relationship and was thinking about finding another guy to have an affair with. After assuring here that there is NOTHING a day of shopping can’t cure, we ventured into one of our favorite designer shops. After me and her vigorously tried on outfit after outfit I heard her gasp. “What?” I yelled to her thru the thin wall separating us, “I have to buy this one!” she says to me. I hurry into her dressing room to once again tell her how wonderful I think she looks. Upon entry I freeze – confused by the emotion that has just struck me and puzzled as to why the warm slit between my legs is now an area of moisture. *DRINK IRRESPONSIBLY* Wild parties were never my thing. My girlfriends would always try to get me to go to these drunken gatherings but I almost always opted out. Well, finally the day came to try something new. My best friend who was only 21 wanted to take me to this wild party almost 45 miles out of town, where I would obviously not know anyone there. Upon arrival at this party I realized that the ratio of women to men were 5:1. I figure at this point I better have a drink to calm my nerves. The situation was awkward all these women so few men. I tried to make the best of the evening socializing and having a few drinks As time passed I realized I was having a good time and as I turned to thank my girlfriend for bringing me I notice her making out with a sexy little blonde in the middle of the room! Speechless I approach the two sultry women hoping to capture my friend’s attention. As I get closer my friend slowly breaks from the steamy kiss while still caressing the blondes’ tight ass. She glances at me with the notion to come close – so I move in not knowing what was in store. The blonde reaches over and touches my face and pulls me in for a sweet slow kiss. At this point I have completely forgotten that we are standing in the middle of a crowded room. Right now it just feels like us. *ANGER MANAGEMENT* My husband and I have been together for about 8 years and we are very much in love. We live in a very small town and I don’t have many friends of my own, but he has one really good one. My husband’s best friend, Rick is like family and frequents our house quite often. I said in the beginning I was in love – I never said I was blind. Rick was tall dark and handsome, his personality was wonderful and he had a great appreciation for women. My Husband has a terrible temper and Rick is always trying to give him advice on how to control his temper, one of his suggestions was to have sex. One Afternoon Rick stops by a little earlier than usual and asks if he can sit and wait for my husband to come home ‘Of Course!’ I said without hesitation and continued to offer him a drink. We started to chat and laugh over memories past when my husband walks in on our jovial gestures. To this day I am not sure what sparked it – but my husband was infuriated! ‘Playing around with my wife?’ He asked. Rick quickly jumped to his feet and started proclaiming how ridiculous the shear notion seemed. ‘I don’t blame you – If you want to fuck her’ my husband continued. ‘Wait a minute!’ I said to my husband right before he grabbed my arm. ‘She is the best cock sucker in the world’ He stated. At this point Rick is looking like a deer in headlights, speechless, confused by the situation. Puzzled didn’t begin to explain the emotions I was feeling. ‘Sex is the cure for anger right Rick?’ asked my Husband. And as we both could see he was madder than hell. What to hear more about these ‘sticky’ situations – want something a bit more laid back – how about some unnecessary roughness . . . . I’ve got it all. Call Me.