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NEW! Be Ignored By Miss Julie!

Miss Julie...Studiously Ignoring Losers and Worthless Toads!
Hello. I'm Julie. Take a good look at me and you will see a very slender and petite lady. And I CAN be a lady. But don't let that fool you.

If your particular kink involves calling a very pretty girl and being ignored by her, you've come to the right girl. I'm too pretty for you and you know it. So it makes you hot to know I'm just going about my business while you sit holding the phone and spending your money, doesn't it? Forget being a nice lady, I can be such a little bitch!

Just for you I will laugh at you in the background and resume my day, ignoring the fact that you are on the line. I may even totally forget you're there! I like your little allows me to make money while laughing at your loser ass and doing whatever I like!

Since you can never have me, you may as well call me for the next best thing....calling and knowing I'm in my house, maybe not wearing very much, doing exactly as I please while you strain to hear even the faintest hint of my sexy voice!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love ignoring you!
You love it too, so call me!

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