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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Welcome to my site, please be respectful n courteous ,I will always treat you the same.

Also, this site is meant to be 4 fun!
Please Do Not harass me.. or try to get my personal information!
It's scary & disturbing!! I want to be safe here.

Safe and Nothing Vulgar. And as always, if this is the wrong listing - please check my other lines - they will still ring my Bedroom phone #. I promise. ;-)
x Tash


UPDATE:NEW move coming -- new adventure!!

Just a sweet girl with devilish intentions.

About me, well hmm... I grew up a little more than half of my life here in southern Texas. I think of myself as an anime cowgirl with a twist! :) I am of German descent, on my mother's side -- with a little Dutch Irish mixed in w/ my dad's chin! I try to live my life to the fullest. I am a bit of a Perfectionist, but I'm working on being less "anal" about it, lol. My friends: they are there for me no matter what! I can always count on them for good advice, decision making, shoulder to cry on, bring me up when im down. I love making people laugh and I'm prone to blonde moments. Student @ TAMU-CC going for a bachelor of arts in Psych with an emphasis on Human Development especially early childhood development. I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT AND MEETING NEW PERSONALITIES. It excites me that I'm able to lay in bed and hear what makes you hard, scares you, or just completely drives you insane! I want to share my new sexual fantasies with you too. I live in Corpus Christi // formerly with my father on NAS-CC just off the Gulf Coast of TEXAS. Being so close to my father has helped me become very aware of who I am, and what I believe in.I am a navy brat and will always support the military. I'm open minded, a fun person, very random and always happy.

AS OF the end of January 2014 I will have moved in with my BF of 4yrs!! This means LOTS of new adventures as far as my IGNORE LINE and hearing LIVE sex during the wknds!! This also means I can start scheduling the times I will be online so I can play more! ^_^

This "job" of mine is still and will always be MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET. He nor any of my family know about you guys..and I want to keep it that way! I'm a hard-headed 5'5 Princess that usually gets her way. THIS IS NO DIFFERENT. I want my cake & eat it too!

I've been waiting a long time to finally have a place I can call MINE, to do as I please and be as crazy as I want! I need to be able to STAY the sweet, loving girlfriend -- but have the naughty fantasies that I'm missing in my Sex Life. I love him, but there are some things he STILL doesn't do sexually, that he feels is too wrong or demeaning. I NEED this. :)

I get so wet, till it drips down my thighs knowing I'm keeping something so naughty & forbidden a S E C R E T.  

I'm being a dirty little girl touching herself while a stranger talks in my ear ... as I lay in the same spot I just finished cumming on w him!

Playing with YOU all over our house before/after I've just gotten fucked -- makes talking on the phone with you THAT MORE EXCITING. It's like I'm cheating on his cock, with yours.

I want you to be the S E C R E T that finishes me off...

 2014 will be the start of something exciting! 

I can turn a bad day into an amazing day. I come from a very conservative family, but I have alot of dirty fantasies inside my head. Find out all of them.

I've always had this ONE fantasy in my mind of two men taking me. One watches, touching his cock as I'm down on my knees, mouth open, gagging on the other. 

His cum is dripping down my lips onto my neck, as I stare at the other. Talking to you while in the same house as my boyfriend is VERY CLOSE to this fantasy for me!

<3 getting all dressed up: flirty dresses and sexy heels: pedicures, manicures and shopping for sparkly things. Yes, I'm a Disney Princess! :) I pout when I'm upset, squinch my nose when I cry, and dance in my underwear when im happy.

Life is like a lucid dream, except no one is quite sure what happens when we wake up....

Name: Natasha Rae Young
DOB: June 16
Measurements: 5' 5", 34B-24-35
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Greenish Grey w/ specks of Brown
Body: Waxed, Navel Ring
Birth Place: Made in Germany/Grown in Texas
School: Grad TAMU Corp. Chr. '13 - PSYC

Talk Schedule:
M , W, & Th: Open - 12pm/10pm  | Tue: morning calls 9am-12pm
Fri: |Sat: (CHECK my IGNORE Line for  LIVE sex calls!)

Living Now: U.S. Naval Air Station, CC.TX (Pls. Respect My Privacy!)
Why Phone Sex?: Luv hearing moaning as if ur INSIDE of me.
Fave Fetish: being held down, my Toes licked

BTW... thanks guys!! seriously :) for taking the time to leave sweet comments on my page.
x Nat © 2006-2014