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Hot little Asian B*tch wants your paycheck

I ignored this guy who has a huge crush on me again last night because he wouldn't give me $1000 to buy a new digital camera online. I was so mad, I slapped him. But what was even better, a few hours later when he came groveling back, I wasn't even physical at all. I was so psychologically abusive and twisted that he was stealing half-million dollar jewelry for me within two hours. Better yet, I trained him to do it - and then to forget about it so he would do it again at a later date and he'd never get busted (or if he did, I wouldn't.) You haven't known money-slavery and a real Asian Task Mistress until you've become my slave. Hah hah! Doubt me? I'll put you hold on for a loooonng time your first call, raise my rate, maybe even a second or third time, just to get the payment out of you. THEN if I feel you are worthy, I will begin training you and MIGHT slowly lower my rate a bit back down to normal. My rate jumps too high for you? Oh well. You better make more dough then. :D