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Just got home - I can be your after school special

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Need some inspiration? Need a twisted fantasy? Here are some of the hottest scenes I've played over the years, and would eagerly play again!

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I've been waiting all day for my favorite time: when you come home from work at night! You tell me how cute I look in my pajamas and give me a big smile as you sit me down on your knees in the living room. Then you start tickling me! I giggle and laugh, squirming my cute little bottom all over your lap. You never stop until I am too distracted gasping for air to notice your thick, stiffening cock underneath me. I catch my breath while you go to the kitchen to get me my warm glass of milk to make me sleepy for bedtime. Lately I noticed my milk has tasted a little different and even a little thicker. It's really yummy! I gulp down the drink you made for me. A little trickles down my chin and I always manage to end up with a milk mustache. You tell me I am such a mess with that thick milk on my face and you brushing your thumb over my chin, putting it out for me to suck clean. You give me a funny smile while I my soft little lips wrapped around your thumb. It must be a special night because you tell me that you had been waiting until now to give me a very big present. You said you've hidden it in your pants! My hands dive into your empty pockets. Just when I think you've fooled me I see that there is a big bulge still in your pants. You must have hidden it under your pants! You tell me that this is a toy we can play lots of different games with and you are going to show me exactly what the rules are. Grinning, I undo your belt and unzip your pants with my eager little fingers. A slightly different grin starts to spread over your face too. You've been waiting all day!

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This school is too good to be true! It's FREE and will get girls into the Ivy League school of their dreams. But how could it be free? Well, the school raises their funds through auctions of any students who score poorly or violate rules. Students never know when their name may be called over the loudspeaker, but they quickly learn the drill after seeing it happen to some of their classmates: two security guards will ask her to strip (or forcibly strip her) out of her uniform and escort her to the principal's office. He has the honor of delivering a ceremonial spanking. Then she is taken to a cell in the basement until the monthly auction. A perk for the faculty, who are all men (of course), is playing in the basement whenever they wish-- their cum supplements her diet of bread, water and vitamins that keep her pussy tight and body looking its best. And auction day comes: the girls are on display for the buyers, strip club owners, pimps, wealthy business men and average Joes who are looking for a new employee, whore, maid, sex toy or pet. And the girls stay on their toes even at graduation if the school doesn't meet it's operating costs at the end of the year they'll just pull girls out of line in their cap and gown!

cabin story header

You see me, a young slender girl with long brown hair, laughing with friends at the mall. You tell me I look like a model and you're a photographer. You shower me with complements and I blush. All the flattery makes me [naively] decide to take you up on your offer to take a ride to your studio to take some photos and meet some other models. Before I know it we're in a part of town I don't recognize and soon out in the middle of nowhere you pull up to a isolated cabin in the woods. You inform me that you just HAD to get pictures of me and couldn't dare let me go until you got your shots. Over the weekend I'm told there's a no-clothes-policy and while at first it's just photos of me posing later things get kinky. You bring in a friend of yours who is lactating and direct me to use her breasts. Another friend of yours, whose artistic vision you trust arrives and dominates me mercilessly. You direct me through everything from the mild, like sucking cock, to the wild, like elaborate bondage with aggressive anal training. And to celebrate the successful marathon photo shoot you throw a party at the cabin, sharing me with your friends and snapping pictures the entire time. I certainly have been captured... on film.

football story header

Tonight I'm wearing my short blue jean skirt, sandals and a white t-shirt. I didn't realize it was so sheer that you could see my little nipples as they get hard from your air conditioned suburban house. I babysit for you every week, the same old thing. But last time was different. Before you left you you promised me a "very grown-up" surprise. Upon arriving home you showed it to me, thick and rock hard as it burst out of your pants. My cherry lip-glossed mouth certainly learned a new skill that night! This week you hired me for this evening since you were desperate to have some beers and watch the game with the guys. But weren't out for long. You came home early, and you weren't alone. Your buddies came with your for some post-game fun. I went to leave but you invited me to stay and celebrate your team's victory. You proudly showed me off to your friends as "the most talented little babysitter" you've ever hired and give them a wink. Then you inform me it's time for another lesson. Something called a gangbang?

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