Phone Sex

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1-800-TO-FLIRT 0697811

I am a Dominant Chick really into cuckolding, tease and denial, feet worship, strap on training, turning men into sissy fags, humiliation, and exploiting men in general. I adore finding what makes a man weak and using it against him to drain his bank accounts and to max out his credit cards.

I will find out whatever fetish brings you to your knees and fuck with your head via ptv mail games and on the phone til you are so fucked financially that you can no longer hide your pathetic addiction from your girlfriend or wife. Even at the threat that they will leave you, you will still be opening my paid emails and dialing my number every chance you get.

You will rush to the phone when they step out of the house to do an errand (listening for their car with your heart thumping in your chest all scared that you will get busted) and when they are sleeping in hushed tones. You will CRAVE my voice so bad that you will make those calls even from work or log on from the company computer to read my paid emails because you just can't help yourself. Haha.

I will have you open new credit lines and have them all sent to another address so I can keep milking you for every cent even though your partner vehemently objects. I will have you read the credit card statements off to me so you know exactly how much you are spending on me and how in debt you are while laughing at your dumb ass.

I will train you so that the only time your pathetic cock can get even remotely hard or twitch is when you are spending money on me! I can just see you begging me to touch that worthless thing that dangles between your legs or to be allowed to even cum. Haha. Which I might do if you tribute a hefty sum and I am in a good mood but probably unlikely most days! Hahahahaha. I am loads of fun and financial ruin is only a phone call away so pick up that phone...

Better yet, tribute to get my attention and beg for my ptv games, pig!