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Queen Of Sheba

Queen of Sheba, Superior To ALL others

Sexy Carmel Skinned Honey is looking for new dirty guy friends to talk to on the phone . I'm making new clips weekly just for you and I look forward to speaking to any man who loves to be wild, fun, kinky and imaginative. I'm 26 and just completed a 4 year term of service in the Navy. While I was proudly traveling all around the world serving my country, I was also using that opportunity to meet and have as many sexual affairs and rendezvous while I was away from home, husband, and family.

I experimented with every kind of sexual kink and fetish I could think of and I found that being worshiped and fucked by several men was what really did it for me. Crossing the line of what was "decent" and "moral" excited me in such ways I couldn't comprehend.


For me it's all about being in control. Fucking when I feel like it. Sucking 2 ,3, 5 different cocks over a weekend span. Being in such close quarters with horny young muscular men starved for sex and female attention gave me access to hundreds of cocks in all shapes , colors, and sizes.

I could sample a different flavor almost every single night. I was the slut who screwed hundreds of married and engaged navy men who needed a slut like me to keep their cocks warm at nite. Sometimes I would blackmail the high ranking officers into giving me thousands of dollars or risk having their sweet innocent little wife discover the camera phone video clip of you and your buddys fucking me in the engine room. Or maybe the Lt. Kernel who gave blow jobs to his lower ranking staff sergeant at my suggestion after a long nite of partying and heavy drinking.

My code name amongst all of the Navy studs was "Queen of Sheba". Whenever a guy said that name they knew it meant something hot, kinky, and taboo most likely was going to happen. Well, I'm back home now and my husband is away serving his tour of duty and I'm home bored and very sexually frustrated. That's why we should talk. If women like me interest you then there isn't any reason to wait a second longer.

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