Phone Sex

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As I open the box of cigarettes, sliding the slender white cigarette from its holder. A craving.....a NEED.....

placing it between my moist lips and lighting it, I inhale heavily. Cradling the cigarette between my fingers, I toy with it before bringing it to my mouth again and sucking on it in quick succession.

A small cloud of smoke releases from the cigarette before I exhale again.

Let's talk about my smoking fetish- and yours.. Some things I like to talk about are:

*Specific Cigarettes- brands, styles etc...

* 120s (my favorite)

* Brown-papered Cigarettes

* Roll your own cigarettes

* All-White Cigarettes

* Cigar & Pipe Smoking

* Lung Damage

* Forced Smoking

* Smoke Play

* Coughing fetish

* Human ashtray

* Smoking during sex

* Smoke rings

* French inhale

* Cigarette holders

* Glamour smoking

* Smoking in public places

* How I/you got started smoking

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Call me, and always be ready with a light when I need one.