Phone Sex

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It feels more intense and hurts SO much better when the girl at the helm is not only beautiful and real, but clever, imaginative AND has a voice like an angel. Everything including my pics and attitude are real. And my reality is going to take a very big bite! It's not just my unquenchable thirst for taking what's yours and making it mine, that will lure you to your doom. It's the way I will go about it. - My sweet and innocent voice will attract you like a moth to a flame..and before you know it, nobody will stimulate you and have you as hard and broke as I.

Forget trips to the day spa..I want trips to the most exotic and expensive places on earth! And shopping trips are great when they're in Paris and Rome.

I welcome all wealthy/intelligent men who will become silly little drunk sluts - pantywimps - paypigs - or sugar daddy's or all of the

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Highly Addictive...Consult your accountant or banker if you are presently in the red and fiscally unable to make these calls.


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