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That's right slave boy, you only exist to pay my bills. On you knees and expect no mercy. I will talk you ear off and rape your wallet. You will pay every bill I have one by one right into my niteflirt account.

I wont let you waste my time so I will get right to the point. I am a very high maintenance woman. I am very likely the highest maintenance woman here.

I know you love to be used, twisted and abused, then thrown out like the trash you are.

You are a pig. It gives you a sense of pleasure being used by a superior Asian Goddess. It is your dream and your nightmare come true finding my listings!

You are an ATM machine and I have the card that fits your slot. I know the passwords that will withdraw my cash from your accounts. I will find all of your buttons and find some you never knew existed.

I am the source of your obsession, and the source of your ruin. I am the drug you you are addicted too. You will dig deep into your wallet and find all your saved credit cards.

You will be treated like the absolute dirt you are. I am the best at manipulating the small mind of a pig like you. I am your new addiction and there is no going back. I keep you caged up like a little pet cow that is only here to get prostrate milked.

You are the money pig who keeps me in the luxuries I am used to. I will torture you with stories of how I spend your money and sleep with other men.

I am a genius at pushing moneyslaves beyond their limits. Make sure you have some backup funding before you even try, pigglet. I am a cat after a mouse...and I always catch my prey, toy with it first and then devour it whole, looking around for the next mouse to play with!

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