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Credit limit? What's a limit? heh. No limits here.

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What will everyone think when I parade these pictures of you all around the internet? What will the wifey think whenever I tell her about the coed you're BOINKING on your lunch break? What will your family say when I reveal to them that I can make you dress up in lingerie and shove buttplugs up your ass?

Man, sounds to me like you might end up being fucked, humiliated, and ruined. heh. Sounds good to me?

If you're requesting to be financially exploited, don't waste my time. Make sure you know what you want... and realize there are no limits. You'll be taken to the edge farther than you've ever been taken before. The bullshit excuses and limits all stop with me. Your wallet opens up and I take advantage. I'm worth it. I know it.

Your inhibitions will disappear. Your fantasies will get deeper, darker, and more fetishy. You will finally admit that you've found what you're looking for.

A little backstory: I'm 22. I live in NW Houston. I have my own little townhome. I'm finishing school online. I work with internet marketing and blogging. I own two shih tzus who may bark sometimes on the call.

I'm very interested in getting involved in cross country running. I take spinning classes 4 times a week. I meet with a trainer 2 times a week to build up my stamina and ability to keep running. I have a plan to bike the MS 150 here in Houston this next go round as well.

I go out every weekend. I'm so into really bad, crappy, B type movies. I enjoy POP music. I enjoy my hot rollers, ballerina shoes, and MAC make up. I ADORE going to Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesdays.  I like to drink Pinot Grigio... red wines aren't my thing. I'm an open book... so find out more.