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Catwoman is on the hotseat. The story begins when she is a bad girl- stealing jewelry! Trying to talk her way out of it results in quite a situation. Is she repentant? See Part One for the beginning, but I warn you, you will want to see what comes next, and next, and next.

Each part includes a three-minute video clip in both MP3 and WMV format, and you don't have to download them if you don't want to. Niteflirt now allows you to watch them right here from your account. Enjoy!


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You are a cuckold and it is time to revel in that fact. Whether it is because your dick is too small to satisfy your slutty wife or you just need to see her being reamed by a cock other then your own, you are a cuckold. Maybe you are just flirting with the idea of it and need to discuss your fantasy with an understanding woman, or you are fully sissified by your Superior wife and wish to tell me all about it.


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Sissies, cuckolds, voyeur husbands and the tiny-dicked are my favorites.
First of all know that I do not read minds, so your primary task is to communicate your fetishes clearly to Me. If you are naked while I am fully clothed, tell Me. If you are wearing pink panties, tell Me. If you are a pathetic loser, tell Me. One of My tiny-dicked losers provids you with a close-up look.

I am soft-spoken at first, a woman who gets under your skin when you least expect it rather then one who starts off as a belligerent shrew.
I am secure in My superiority. Trying to please Me? A generous Tribute and gift is a good start.
Ripping My Nylons explicit $10.00
Big Tits, Blond and Brunette $10.00
Nude in Black Thi-his $7.00
Topless in Pantyhose $7.00
Crawling in Pantyhose and babydoll $7.00
Pink Satin and Flashes Tease $7.00
Ass Worship: Butt Rub $7.00
Ass Worship: ButtRub Cellphone $5.00
Explicit Stocking Clip Part 1 $10.00
Explicit Stocking Clip 2, More Pussy $10.00
I was spanked! Clip $10.00
Explicit Strip Video $10.00
Black Vinyl Catsuit $10.00
Ass, leg and foot Worship Clip $5.00
First Big Breast Worship Clip
Second Breast Worship Clip
Hot Fall Breast and Ass Worship clip
Expilcit Bodystocking Nude Clip
Explicit Leg and Foot Worship Clip; no panties
All Clips $10.00 or less.
Pantyhose and Foot Fetish Clip
Pantyhose Fetish Clip II
Quick and dirty Pantyhose fun clip
Stockings and Nude slideshow