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Goddess Rachel

Sensual and Seductive Domination by Ebony Mistress

I am an intelligent, naturally dominant elegant lady who likes to take my time in the progression of things.

You don’t have to be a submissive male to connect with me. I’m even more interested if you are an alpha male interested in exploring your submissive side. With me there is no script. I enjoy a natural build up of what can be an exciting, stimulating, kinky or not so kinky exploit based on our mutual interest and chemistry. I enjoy talking and playing with white collar executives because they tend to understand the thrust and parry of power play. When you turn over the key to me, it’s like relaxing comfortably in a easy chair because it’s safe and without judgment.

Areas of Interest We Could Explore

Erotic Hypnosis – I have quite an array of erotic hypnosis mp3’s addressing specific fetishes I have produced. Erotic hypnotic mp3’s that speak to your fetish is relaxing and affirming. It can also bring about arousal and release if that is the nature of the audio session. Additionally, I can weave a fantasy world for you to escape to. Custom Mp3’s are also available

Sultry and Sensual Dominant Female– If you’re interested in cultivating an intimate female led relationship with me as your Goddess or Mistress to worship, that’s fine. Understand, this type of relationship works only when there’s chemistry and you knowing how to please and satisfy my desires.

Chastity Training or Key Holding - keeping your cock secured from your reach and in my absolute control is an intense experience, especially when I have you in a daily 24 hour lockdown. Lets test your power of focus and concentration when you’re at work. All you’ll be able to think about is me and our next phone connection.

Milking Instruction - One of my favorite areas of control is getting you hot and hard with my acerbic, seductive and commanding voice. (No yelling or screaming) I build you up to such an intense place where you feel you’re standing at the edge of a cliff. You’ll amuse me while I instruct you on how to stroke your cock, and beg me to allow you to release.

Feminization - Here is an area of my expertise in Sissy Training where we explore your feminine nature. I can take you as deep into sissification as you want to go. It all depends on you.

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Buy My Sensory Deprivation Erotic Hypnosis MP3 (Audio Time: 29 min.) $150.00 My Sensory Deprivation Erotic Hypnosis is an extremely sexually charged mp3 that connects with all of your senses. Surrender your body and your mind to what I have in store for you. It will send you into a mental orbit that will be hard to come back from. It’s hot, intense and you’ll love every minute of it!

Hypnotic Seductive Surrender

Buy Hypnotic Seductive Surrender, 20 min. $125.00

My 20 minute hypnotic mp3 is a mind bender. It is extremely intense with powerful commands and suggestions. You will feel my power and will be compelled to serve me. You must listen 1 hour every day.