Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

What am I? Your Goddess to be worshipped and adored.

What are you? Nothing but dirt under my pedicured feet, the wallet to pluck dry, the laughable excuse for a man.

Don't deny what you are. The only thing more pathetic than a loser is a loser who can't admit what he is. A waste of space.

Redeem yourself by serving a dominant woman and spoiling her. Submit to her every whim. And PAY!

Yes I'm spoiled. And your job is to keep me that way. I'm entitled to all your cash. It's got "Julie" written all over it. I'm not one of these girls who is going to try and sweet talk or trick you out of your cash. I make it simple and lay everything out: I want you for your money, stupid. So get on the phone now and give it to me!

Open that wallet and turn every bill over into my beautiful, greedy little hands. I want hundreds, fifties, more of them - NOW! Mmm the feel of fresh, crisp bills between my fingers, the smell...what is that you said? You're still here?! If you're not forking out more dough, shut up and get out. All I see and hear when I think of you is dollar bills.

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You deserve to be used up and thrown away. It's all you will ever be good for, filthy pig. I'm going to pimp you out for every dollar, you dirty money whore. That's right, go work hard for that money. On payday you bring it right back to me, bitch. Every penny, in my hand. That was never your money, it was mine. Because you belong to me, slave whore.

What's that you said? You have bills to pay? You can't spend anything?

Why should I care?! I want it and it's mine. You're going to come in here and give me your rent money, your grocery money, your 401k, everything. Your job is to pay MY bills. Yours aren't my problem. Now take me shopping!

"ser·vi·tude: a condition in which one lacks liberty especially to determine one's course of action or way of life."

STEP 1: Purchase my messenger ID (Eyeball, MSN, Yahoo)

STEP 2: Call me on Niteflirt to show your dedication and respect to Princess Julie.

STEP 3: Regular gifting to Princess Julie is not only expected, it is required.

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