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Modern men are so pathetic. They deserve to be tread upon and made to wriggle beneath a demanding woman's heel in the shadow of a whip. The ones who fancy themselves as being "sensitive" use the word as a pallid euphemism for spineless and the macho ones who act like their balls should be carried in a wheelbarrow are usually overcompensating for their homoerotic urges or micro-cocks. I have no use for them except as slaves.

Oh don't try to change my mind. You'll only reinforce what we both know is true: men are only good as sperm donors and doormats; footrests and boot blacks; fodder for a bored woman's domination fantasies. Just shut your mouth and spare me your tired whining or your argumentative tone. Your opinion is as uninteresting as the jelly-dick in your pants.

Just for fun, I might stretch your manhole out with my fingers. See what it is that makes disgusting men like you tick. Please try not to soil my Egyptian cotton sheets with your vile man-spew. I hate the smell of semen even more than I detest the scent of sweat. When I am done with you, I'll discard you with no more ceremony than I would have for a used tampon. I might retain the money in your wallet though.