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What is money slavery and financial domination? In a nutshell, it is the spiritual act of serving manifested by the money & gifts you giveā€¦ your cash is the proxy for your very soul. If I cannot physically beat you in cyberspace, I can certainly make you hurt in many more creative ways. If you cannot kneel before Me in person, you can certainly offer your heart to Me on a platter by becoming a money slave.

Why do men give everything and seemingly get nothing in return?
Some men thrive on giving thier life over to a beautiful woman who will basically run it for them
They MUST be financially dominated to exist
They make money for ME...they only spend it on ME...and they pay a much steeper price then money if they DON'T!
I am not here to offer sexual ANYTHING...for FREE
You want pics...PAY UP
You want Video...PAY UP
You were put here on this earth to worship and adore ME...So get to it!

Unlike most girls on here I am not 18 and not in college,I do have a life beyond this site,and it WILL be RESPECTED!

I offer proof of my being real-See below for details

My PROOF Registry-Buy me anything from my "proof" list and i'll take a picture holding or wearing your item and post it right here on this page!

My Registry

I am ONLY available M-F REAL life starts after DEAl with it!