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Passion Queen

Adore my body and worship me!

It's no secret that I think guys like you are total losers. I know you are dying to talk to a hot girl like me, so why would I let you? That is because I know a dumbass like you will do anything for me to pay attention to you, and there is no doubt about it. There are two types of men: superior and inferior, and you my friend are inferior. I may lust, crush, and dote over a real man, but never a silly little submissive like you. I hurt and break inferior boys like you. Submissives like you are meant to be humiliated, degraded, fucked with cock, denied, teased, crushed, tied up, sissified, spanked, feminized, cuckolded, and penalized. You should feel so lucky that you get to spend time entertaining me in these ways.

denied, teased, crushed, tied up, sissified, spanked, feminized, cuckolded, and penalized for your Existence, You are so below me!

What i Like!!

If you want to play be prepared!!

If you need to chat, don't be afraid to call. I'm not into ABDLs, Extreme Verbal, or Small Penis vexations.
Dominant by Nature, I am the Perfect Blend of Sugar & Spice. Yes, I can be sweet, gentle, and intoxicating. I am quite the unique experience.

Don't expect Me to be bitchy, intolerable, or rude. I'm open minded, witty, and real. I have a wicked sense of humor.

If you're a first time caller, I would like to know what turns you on.

Once you have experienced me, I promise you will never find another like me.

What I expect is Respect, A submissive submits, Remember your Manners. boys who aren't sure of where there passion of submission lay. I am a excellent guide.

you need to be prepared when you call have your toys prepared. Call me, I want dress you up, tell you how do your makeup, and how to fix your hair. Subs have all your "implements" ready for me to fuck you.

Always keep this in mind everything you do is for my pleasure and entertainment. I should never have to raise my voice.

Adore my body And worship my hot cumm!

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