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Enchantress Lacey

Seductive Succubus will steal your soul & seed.

I am the Ultimate Enchantress.

As Addictive as SIN itself

I am the Seductress of the night, my spirit transcends time and space. I will descend upon you while you sleep, stealing your seed and draining you of your life energy. I can manifest into any shape or form in order to fuel your nocturnal desires. Your longing will grow as I seduce you and infect your mind with my very own blend of sweet and evil.

My bewitching words and velvet voice will lick at your mind and I will stake my place in your dreams. I will bathe your body and soul in sin, leading you down the path you crave. Surrender yourself to me and allow me to feed my devilish desires. If you worship me I will hold you dear, if you resist me I will render you broken and ruined.

You have been searching your whole life for a powerful and seductive Enchantress. Now that fate has brought us together, all you need is the desire to fall. Listen to the powerful lure of my voice and bend to my will, you will live out your fantasies through the "virtual reality" of hypnosis.

My Boy's love any or all of the following: Erotic Hypnosis * Goddess Worship* Succubus Seduction * Seduction Hypnosis * Mind Control * Submission Programming * Brainwashing * Giantess * Robots * Puppets * Sissies * Panty Boys * Fluff Boys * House Boys * Cocksucking Training *Face Sitting * Queening * Ass Worship * Strapon/Dildo training * Financial Slavery *