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Pretty Vicious

Let's start with my oral pleasure

ok listen and listen fucking good... you're a lowlife cocksucker... and you don't deserve a god damn thing from me unless you pay for it.  I don't give rats ass what the hell you want or what the hell your fantasy is.  You prostrate yourself to me, not me to you.  I will never care about you or your jack off fantasies.  All I care about is lining my pockets with your shame while I laugh at you.

And, yes bitch you will pay me for my abuse ... because you're a slut like that.

click them if you can stop masturbating long enough to do it you might see more of me.

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I want to hear thank you Ma'am!!!! ( right after I pull my strap on which is three times the size of your puny little bit of meat down there)  Are you an ass virgin? Need your cherry popped in a rough manner? I have eight inches of purple pleasure.... all for that fuck-hole you have between those cheeks.... absolutely, fucker this time its you who bends over the fucking couch not me!!!!

Welcome to humiliation 101 slave and I am your vicious trainer, Miss Emily.

You are the poor excuse for a man that gets carefully and meticulously reduced to a humiliated pig in agony, little does your wife or girlfriend know you scum.  I hate you.  I hate everything about your hidden dark secrets and I love to use them against you.  All kinds of painful and degrading things will happen to you if you call me.  Are a pain slut? Do you need spankings and beatings and floggings and all other sorts of punishment?  The answer doesn't matter, you will be whatever kind of slut I tell you to be because that's the kind of slut you are. 

An anything you say Mistress, Princess, Goddess, Fucking Gorgeous Bitch, SLUT