Phone Sex

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True Goddess Takes Your Money AND Freedom

Future slaves, welcome!! Want to feel better about yourself? Looking for a meaningful way to contribute to society? I'll take paper or plastic, and I'll take it all.

Get a gas card in my name and have fun explaining it to your wife and your accountant. Don't worry, I only go on cross country road trips twice a year. Was the price of gas up again this week? Pshtt. Didn't bother me a bit.

The next time you're in Vegas, pick up some chips for me. I love dice almost as much as I love money, so any time I can play games and get paid, I'm all about it.

Put my name on your Visa and Mastercard then see how long it takes me to spend your limit. You know I dress well, and looking this good isn't free. You look, you pay. That's how it works.

Call me on NiteFlirt, then beg me to raise my rate because you just love feeling money fly right out of your pockets and into mine with every minute that goes by.

Don't even bother asking me for sex. I have no patience for it. You're beneath me in every possible way. If you're lucky enough to get me on the phone, you're MINE for the duration of the call, mind, body and wallet. You don't have access to anything of MINE without my permission. Beg all you want, cry if you have to, but don't even THINK about breaking my rules.