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Deviant Darling

Hypnosis - Escapism - Mind fuck - A new goody

Your HYPNOTIC SURRENDER IS IMMINENT. Erotic Hypnosis of the most Devilish kind - Read on to feel my silken web of seduction work its magic....

You really should consider this the first day of your new life sweet Pet. Believe me, there is no better time than now to experience your submissive awakening.

Now that my little lost soul has finally found his way home, all that is required is for you to surrender your will. This will begin happening the moment you surrender to my particular brand of hypnosis. You will hear my voice, I will lure you down little by little and You'll soon forget any and all who have come before me. You will recongnize me as YOUR ONE & ONLY HYPNOTIC MUSE.

Let your search be over my sweet soul, for I am the one you have dreamed of, lusted after and longed to submit to in every way. You need only to surrender now and beg that I empty your mind. You cannot resist my powerful lure, just as no man before you ever has. It is deeply ingrained in your weak little mind, that you should open yourself to a powerful Hypnotic Goddess. I assure you, I am that Goddess. I know how badly you desire to divulge you inner most wants and needs.It is my sweet hypnotic brainwash that will free your true submissive self and you will come undone for me.

Delight in your hypnotic submission, As you switch off your thoughts, allowing my sweet conditioning to transform your weak and pliable mind. You will be forever changed into my adoring and compliant slave, with your only interest being to serve me.

Do not undervalue the powerful hypnotic seduction you will soon experience my sweet. The hypnotic control I possess is born of a powerful and natural intstinct to seduce the weak and submissive male. Avoiding my hypnotic venom will only prolong the inevitable. Release yourself from the torment of resistance, why wait any longer. Give in to your desires NOW!

It truly is , only a matter of time before you offer all that you are to my powerful control.

You will be mine, not only by choice, but by Design. It is simply meant to be.

You will lose your psuedo self importance, as I break down your stubborn facade, that is only a thin shell over your true submissive self. You will not only surrender your mind, body and soul to my control- You will become an open book, allowing me access to the farthest corners of your mind. I will own you on all levels of consciousness. Any remnents of your former self will dissolve once and for all and YOU WILL BE MINE.


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The power of Scent - Part 1
The Power of the Scent of Danielle - Part 2
The five senses - visual comes into play
The five senses - Feel the electricity in my touch.


The Violet Scarf - part 1
The Violet Scarf - Part 2

HYPNOTIC BRAIN ERASE ( whitewash series )

Intro ( primer )
Hypnotic Brain Erase -Part 1
Hypnotic Brain Erase - Part 2
Hypnotic Brain Erase Re-load / Primordial mind


Whitewashed/hypnotic brain Erase ( part 1 )15 minute mp3
Whitewashed ( part 2 )15 minute mp3
Whitewash ( Part 3 ) - The three golden rules
Whitewash part 4. My work of art is taking shape.
Whitewash part 5. verbal lobotomy

Hypnotic Love Spell (part 1)
Hypnotic Love Spell ( part 2 )
Hypnotic Love Spell ( part 3 )

Hypnotic Anesthesia part 1. (whisper tone)
Hypnotic Anesthesia part 2. (whisper tone)
Hypnotic Anesthesia part 3. (whisper tone)
Hypnotic Anesthesia part 4. (whisper tone)