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..with a MIND FUCK or two tossed in!

The Third of Three fresh, SIZZLING HOT new Chastity, Tease, and Denial Recordings to Make your Mind Melt and your cock ACHE with frustration! Listen to one, or all (I suggest an icebag for your balls w/in reach) in this series! AND all of March during my hiatus, I lowered the price on ALL 3 of these sizzling hot bath recordings to $1.00-you can't afford to miss one minute! They're coming down this summer to make way for new ones and when they're gone, they're gone!

Domina Teases You, My Bound Chastity Slave -in my bathtub!

My hot, slippery, tight little body is only inches away from you ...too bad all you can do is watch!

(Scroll all the way down--this page is packed with pics!)

Oh... by the way? If you thought Domina was as wicked as she could get...if you thought your Phone Goddess couldn't be any more of a Bitchy Tease before this... you're WRONG!

(tub pix below and logo)

My fellow Domina also shared my passion for teasing, chastity, and denial, and we often traded favors. One intense pleasure was when she was out of town and I “housesat” for her with whatever slave I was amusing myself with.

Her main slave was very handy around the house. She had him make some wicked, special customizations to her bathroom. Right outside the edge of the tub, S. ordered him to install two large eye-bolts (and reinforce them) a few feet apart in the ceiling. She also had him do the same to the floor directly under them, only these were slightly larger… so that a leg-spreader can be strapped between them.

I know all your weak spots... and just how to use them, how long, how often, to get the maximum rush of PURE PLEASURE that SEXUAL POWER gives me! If you're lucky, maybe I'll be generous enough to show you a little mercy.


This recording is something I love to do to my tease and denial slaves, re-created completely …all that’s missing is to put yourself in his place! If you want to listen a second time, you might want to do it standing nude in a tub…and wearing a CB-3000 or other plastic model cock cage.

Imagine all your muscles stretched so tightly and my body so achingly close to you that you can feel the heat radiate from my slick slippery skin. My honey-colored hair is pinned up on top of my head with tendrils falling around my face, a few brushing my shoulders. I use black or red-lacquered chopsticks to pin my hair up... it gives me a Bardot look and I love to show the style off, off, I admit it!

Especially with a captive audience; just the idea of it makes me wet as I type this. The hot water –and maybe the rush of power I’m feeling-is making my cheeks (above and below)flush pink. My bright pink toenails peek through the creamy suds, as do my fingernails when I dip them below the surface. A few drops of moisture, so tiny, bead lightly over my full upper lip. My tongue, the color of a spring rose petal, darts out to taste them, and I make sure to look you in the eye for that. When I stand, the suds slide gently down my slick skin and lush curves.

Well, there’s nothing you can do but watch...and listen, as in part 2“u in CHASTITY-I TEASE from my hot bath-w/CUCKOLD!” (So sue me, I only have 50 characters to work with in my titles! I do my best) when I decide to add to the fun by taking a call from my date for the night. He doesn’t believe I have a slave, so I guess we’ll have to prove it somehow! Good thing I have a webcam handy!

Tell me, plead with me about what you want…

because you aren’t in a position to get it, not now, not later…

Yes, I said it.Beg me.

Click HERE for the hotter-than-hell first recording! Then my mood gets more devilish on the second in the series.

Want to hear what I do to you next? Pick up that phone... By the way, I’m not ashamed to tell you I LOVE to hear you beg.

Depending on the heat, the small windows may steam up. I don't need your cock or your hands to pleasure me.

Guess what's making my foot flex in this photo?

"Well", I purr into your ear close enough you can feel my hot breath touch your vulnerable skin, "I need to rub in my body cream before I dress, so... nope, sorry, you can’t help, just watch. Put my leg up here... scoop the body butter out of the jar, massage it in... and of course I want my pretty ass to be silky and touchable, so... Here. Let me hold still for one second-well, actually, you’ve been good, so... let me get nice and close and..."

and gee...that was merely a little preview of the seductive words I use to enslave you and your ears taken from this recording. I get off even more strongly from the power I hold over men by giving them a glimpse of what I have in store--this time for you, my slave.

Plus- the above is from the 10% the part I could get away with adding to the listing without violating NF's rules! Just a tiny tiny taste... and you.




Or come and TRY...