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Goddess Natalia

Before calling, take out a second mortgage, paypig

Goddess Natalia
...naturally superior...

Admit it, you would do anything to please me. It's not like you'd ever be able to get near a girl like me if you weren't paying. I like to be spoiled, worshipped, and treated like a total princess. I'm actually fairly sweet a lot of the time but if I don't get my out!

I've been manipulating men since I first batted my eyes and just get better and better at it. I like to live in pampered luxury ...that's where you come in. I want to bleed your wallet dry just so you have the privilege of listening to me talk. I'm sure that thought gets you hard, but let's get this's not about you no matter how much you pay. It's always about me.

Can't afford this rate? What kind of provider are you? Do you work in a fast food drive-thru or something? Girls like me don't come cheap. I deserve your money more than you do.

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A Pedicure.
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