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The Money G

Fulfilling Financial Domination As It Should Be...

Fulfilling financial domination as it should be...I utterly control you, and you pay dearly and often; your money means nothing until it's in my hands.

Men are useless. Why do we permit you to continue to exist with The Female? You are useful in gathering resources. Grubbing in the mud. Carry on. Work yourself into a coronary, because it all belongs to me. You are but a frightened conduit selected to channel money to its rightful recipient; me.

Lots and lots of money. Gifts. Luxury goods. Anything I want.

I'm not going to swear at you. Or throw a tantrum. I won't be typing ALL IN CAPS, or throwing in a million exclamation marks in the emails you pay to open. That's for amateurs.

Remember...its the quiet ones you really have to watch out for. The steely undertone of malice in an elegant well-modulated voice. The sudden ice in the pit of your stomach when you realize you're talking to someone who will terrorize you into giving up every dime you make until you are on the streets, begging for change.

And you'll send that too.