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Mistress Miku

Mistress Miku will humiliate you to tears!

My name is Miku. But you probably can't pronounce it. Perhaps you'll do better saying "Mistress." Go ahead...Mis-Stress. Very good. *pat pat*

Let's get a few things straight.

#1: I'm Japanese American. Don't think for a moment that you'll hear some "sucky fucky me love you long time" shit from Me. I was born in this country (US of A) and My Japanese mother never talked that way, and certainly didn't instruct her children to talk that way. Take that obedient Japanese mail order bride fantasy to the next Asian listing - I don't play that, idiot. I have a soft voice, soft brown eyes, and an even softer body - but that's where the softness ends. I'm not timid, I'm not obedient, and I'm not a cum dumpster for you to jerk off all over. I'm a Mistress - a young woman who is smarter and probably more sophisticated then you will ever be.

#2 (and probably most importantly) you are here to serve Me. That is why you call and I collect. If I were here to make your day then I would be paying you. I don't need your servitude or your pathetic attempts to humor and delight me, I want it. And yes, I'll get it. you're just dying to give it all over to Me! I don't need your money and pathetic tips, I want your tips, your salary, and your tributes. You're not doing Me any favors, here. Let that fantasy (along with the fantasy of a little Japanese concubine) go. Free yourself. Seriously.

To be My slave you must do as I say. This isn't about your fantasy, it is about Mine. If I want to dress you up like a little whore and pimp you out for My pleasure at 0.05 cents a sucky fucky, then that is precisely what I will do. If I want to train you in the art of ejaculation control and laugh as your balls turn into useless blueberries, then that is exactly what I will do. To be a slave and to be submissive means that you give your will to Me to collect and I do with "it" (and you) what I please. This isn't "role play". Come to think of it, this isn't play at all. I play with my friends. With you, I'll just... entertain Myself momentarily until something or someONE better comes along.

So, call Me for some light action, treat Me and worship Me, and for those who are brave, and of average intelligence and wanting a bit more of My valuable attention - fill out the contract and I'll consider initiating you into My little harem. you'll love it, because I will.

Be patient, worm. You'll be able to click on the buttons in due time.