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Enchantress Kaylen

Hard working men, THIS IS FOR YOU

Been working hard and need to sit back and have a few drinks? What are you waiting for? Call me so you can drink while we talk. I like playing the drinking game where you have to drink whenever I say. I also like it when you just want to chill and drink so you won't be drinking alone. You tell me how you want to do it and lets get started. I do watch men on cam so if you want me to watch you get so drunk you cannot stand lets do it. Get your best stuff out and give me a call. Make sure you have it all within reach so you won't have to stumble to the kitchen. On second thought, I could use the laugh so I will listen to you stumble if you want. Make sure your account is full before we get started because you might be too drunk to reload and you know how I like that money.

I get a kick out of laughing at you as your words start to slur as you make an attempt to make them fit together to form a sentence. I like it when you just HAVE to take that one last drink before you can stop.

Come on and lets play. I need some entertainment.