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Sexual Confessional. Just how naughty are you?

Naughty is, as naughty does..Are you *really* naughty??

So…you think you’ve been naughty, yes?

Perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to play out those naughty thoughts just yet, but you will…

What is it this time?

Did your wife or girlfriend go out of town and you decided to give your buddy’s girlfriend a taste of what she’s been missing?

Maybe you simply decided you could get away with doing the wild thing with your secretary and nobody would ever know?

Or was it the blow out party for one of your ‘boys’ and you were drunk and never meant for anything to happen with that stripper…

Is it thoughts and desires of stealing a pair of your wife or girlfriend’s panties, or sexy stockings?

Maybe it’s her favorite shade of lipstick that just draws you in and makes you want to gloss those sexy lips over…

Or perhaps it’s simply the soft, sensual feel of her silky panties covering your hard, throbbing cock while you toy with yourself..

Could it be that you’ve been having dark thoughts about that fine assed new guy that moved in down the street, or the one that stops by the office now or then?

You know you’ve been trying to get the courage up to test the waters of bi-sexuality…

And you..I didn’t forget about you sluts that would do just about anything to watch someone fuck your wife or girlfriend…

So naughty, but oh so erotic..yes? *w*

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