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soft n silky

Now if you are looking to be ignored bring the $$$

I love to take money from lil piggy's like you. I get such a hi from spending your $$$$$ I will set you down and just let your account drain into mine. I even will take bubble baths while you sit there like the loser you are just waiting for me say a word or two. After my nice bath and lots of $$$$$,s from your account. I will then sit back and enjoy looking at some girly mags and talking on my private line with a friend telling her all about the loser I have on the line.....NOW pick up your F___king phone......

You know you want to serve me!! NOW the longer you keep me waiting the stronger the need for me will get and the more $$$'s you will hand over. Just think once you make your call your life as you know it will be mine..Now cum serve me you weak pathetic lil boy.


Look at my perfect body. You will never be able to touch it. You are not worth it. Your purpose in life is to serve me and only me. I love to take your cash and leave you hungry to give me more. You will lose yourself in my eyes and the sound of my Soft N Silky voice.

I will reach my sexy hands down into those deep pockets of yours and take what I want. I love to take the wife's money so bring it to Me.Cum on what are you waiting for????????? Are you scared??????????You should be!!!!!! I am the end to your life as you know it.!!!!!!!!!!!


Humilation, Dildo training, Sissy training, Denial,Cockold,Bondage,CBT,Total Domination are just a few of the many things I love to enforce on lil boys like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love to tease but I never please. You're just my sex toy.

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