Phone Sex

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Grace Dynamite

Peek inside this naughty girl's perversities.

You never know what's going on behind closed doors. However, in my case it's not too hard to find out because my curtains are usually open or I'm being naughty in public.

My neighbors have heard loud moans, spanks, and screams at all hours and have been woken up by them innumerous times. Someday I aspire to have land surrounding my (future) picket fence so I can have a harem of lovers all indulging freely in their delights. For now, my playground is NYC.

As a developing youth, I put on peep shows in stairwells around the neighborhood for the rest of the kids. I 'arranged' the loss of my virginity in advance with someone I wasn't dating and I have been very sexually active since. There were quite a few occassions my parents opened my bedroom door to darkness and shuffling noises. :)

A friend of mine recently reminded me that I gave him his first handjob one summer night outdoors while star gazing. If I got a tattoo of a cherry for every cherry I've popped (mine and others) I'd probably be covered in them.

In my early 20's I got into kink. Mid 20's was phone sex. Late 20's brought stripping into my repetoir.

Throughout my life I can't help but smile when I walk out my door and see my neighbors. Did the walls talk last night? Can they see how swollen my spanked ass is through my skirt? Did I get any stains on my clothing in that last minute romp? Can they smell the cum in my hair or the sweat of our sex emanating from me? What about the person sitting next to me on the subway? Can they tell? And what were *they* just doing? :)

Imagine my bed was on the other side of the wall as yours. Would you blush when you saw me because you got off while listening? Or do you desire personal payback for all of the nights I got laid while you tried to sleep for another boring day at work. What if you got up to complain, knocked on my door, and got greeted naked? Would you still protest if I invited you in for a threesome once I noticed your PJs had a protrusion?

Shall we find out?