Phone Sex

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Recreate the feelings of your youth when you used to be ignored and overlooked by the pretty girls who had you down as a loser. I know you boys follow Me around like puppy dogs and would do anything just to be in My presence. Did you think you were worthy of My attention and taking up My precious time? I don't THINK so, loser! Call and listen to Me breathing, to Me smoking, to Me listening to music or watching a movie. Sometimes call and listen to Me sleeping. You can talk, scream, grovel and plead, but it won't get My attention. I have absolutely no care what you are doing on the other end of the phone. I'll do everything but actually acknowledge your existence and go about My every day life! Sounds like fun, huh?! I know you're just that desperate loser who needs to be ignored by Princess Salma, and then to express your undying love and gratitude to Me for doing so.