Phone Sex

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Goddess Sapphire

What will you do to earn your allowance, oinker?

Let's discuss how much of your paycheck you will be devoting to me!
I'm already very spoiled, but I get all worked up when a man hands over his cash to please me. I have a wallet full of credit cards, and a husband who makes a very good living, I lack nothing material that I desire, and yet -

I'm Everything You're Not!

Your new Goddess Lay tribute at My feet! Amuse me!
If you rub those two brain cells of yours together, you'll see my point:

I'm outgoing and self-confident
I'm popular with the opposite sex
My social calendar is full
I get plenty of hot sex
I'm the life of the party
I always get what I want!

I always feel like taking advantage of weak little geeks, worms, and other peons who just live to be sucked dry of their negotiable assets and made to twitch where they kneel. Don't bother to call me on this line unless you plan on bleeding for me financially.

This will be the beginning of a give & take relationship wherein YOU GIVE and I TAKE. Simple, isn't it? Your new purpose in life will be to give to me. I love cash gifts and the occasional item from my wish list. How else could you even hope that I would waste my time thinking of you?

Suffer for your princess
You can beg, but...
I'm going to take it all!

After a morning of shopping with your money, my girlfriends and I will laugh about what a loser you are over pina coladas, and you'll be picking up the tab for our lunch.

While I'm sure you dream of being under the table licking our feet, you're just NOT INVITED. Serving me financially here is your ONLY option.

You will be ruined, bankrupt, broke

Call or email me now,
you have everything to lose!

ext 01699501